A custom home is unique because it is built to a specific design.


In nature, many things are unique as well. While many rocks may look alike, no two stones are. Precision Cut Stone, Inc. knows the beauty of stone and how to artfully incorporate it into your new custom home.


Andy Scray is well-known in the industry for his commitment to quality. 

Precision Cut Stone can help you with stone window and door surrounds, arches, keystones, mantels, hearthstones, window sill, pillar caps, wall panels, custom engraved address stones or signs, and accents to your landscape. Projects can be as simple as putting an address stone at the entrance of your driveway or can be as challenging as you can make it; Precision Cut Stone, Inc. takes a solid on quality and uniqueness.

We specialize in custom cut limestone, veneer stone, and landscape stones. Precision Cut Stone, Inc. uses the latest technology to complete their projects in a timely manner.

Our 10,000 square foot shop, along with our TWO heavy duty Jaguar II Saws, allows us precision cuts of stone and outstanding, on-time final projects. In order to make sure you know what you are getting, we will sit down with you and share our products as well as the benefits if using natural stone. As Green building is becoming sought after what better material to use than nature’s solid stone. Natural stone offers many attractive, environmentally friendly benefits such as durability, ease of care and preservation, and a lasting life cycle.

For solid answers on your next project and how you can incorporate natural stone, call us today!