Natural Stone Veneers


Natural Stone Veneers have been the longest lasting high quality building material for centuries. Your investment in Natural Stone will be a statement to generations to come.


Full Thickness vs. Thin Cut Veneers

Natural Thin Stone Veneers are made using the same high quality natural stone. We simply cut out the “extra” stone to leave the outside, which reduces total weight by 10-15 pounds per square foot.


Custom Thin Cut Veneers

Because we custom cut our natural veneers we have the ability to cut 90 degree corners as well as any other “odd angle” corners.By doing this, we allow you to maintain the appearance of full thickness veneers, but still take advantage of all the thin cut veneer cost, weight, installation, flexibility, shipping and vast use benefits.

Precision Cut Stone has a rock solid reputation of meeting custom needs. Our equipment and fabrication facility allow us to meet any custom demand that is brought to us.